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  • How to make cassava fufu from scratch

    One of the common type of fufu is that one made from cassava. It is called cassava fufu or Akpu in Nigeria but in Cameroon, it is known as water fufu. Cassava fufu or water fufu is made by fermenting the cassava.
  • Nigerian Stew

    Nigerian stew is a combination of solid food ingredient like fresh tomatoes, scotch bonnet, red bell pepper e.t.c. to produce a liquid or semi solid spiced with seasoning cube, salt, curry, thyme, ginger, garlic e.t.c.
  • Ewedu Soup (Jute leaves soup)

    Ewedu soup is a tasty Nigerian soup. It is popular is the western part of Nigeria. It is a slimy vegetable soup made from jute leaves. It is highly nutritious. Ewedu soup has a greenish colour with slimy texture.
  • Zobo Pap (sorrel pap)

    This is a special kind of pap. It is made from the combination of zobo and raw pap. Zobo is gotten from sorrel or roselles leaves. It is also known as hibiscus tea or sour tea.
  • How to make puff puff with milk (milky puff puff).

    Puff puff is high in calories but a lot of people enjoy it. Puff puff are sweet and soft. However the addition of milk to this recipe makes it even sweeter and softer.
  • How to make Zobo Juice/drink.

    Zobo is gotten from roselles or sorrel leaves. It has natural sweet sour taste. It is otherwise know as hibiscus tea, karkade or even sour tea. Zobo leaves have numerous uses across the world.
  • Soya Milk(Soy Milk).

    Soya milk, also written as soy milk is a milk substitute that is made from soya beans or soy beans.The major benefits of soy milk is it high protein content, little saturated fat and no cholesterol.
  • Mango Juice (Homemade Mango Juice)

    Mango juice contains vitamin C, vitamin A, and carotenoids which helps to maintain immunity. It also offers healthy digestive system,which helps people suffering from constipation.
  • Fried Plantains.

    Plantain is a variety of banana. Plantains are much larger than regular bananas. The most popular way to enjoy plantains is by frying it. Plantains are a good source of carbohydrate, the main source of energy to the body.
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