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    How To Make Homemade Orange Juice

    Homemade orange juice helps to maintain the blood pressure levels; orange juice is an amazing drink for a patient suffering from high or low blood pressure. This delicious drink contains a significant amount of magnesium which has a wonderful ability to bring back the disturbed blood pressure level to normal range. Due to the presence of vitamin C in orange juice, it acts as a best defender against several diseases (such as flu or colds), thereby promoting the immune system. Homemade orange juice has healing properties, it contains flavonoids (like naringenin and hesperidin), which are anti-inflammatory stuffs. When this juice is consumed, the flavonoids work amazingly to treat the arthritis…

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    How to Parboil or Precook Rice.

    Learn how to parboil or precook rice and the advantages of parboiling rice. Parboiling is an act of partially cooking or boiling any food substance. Examples of food that can be parboiled or precooked are: rice, sweet potatoes, carrot, mixed vegetables, noodles e.t.c. Rice is a staple in any kitchen. It is an excellent source of full packed vitamin (E, B, Thiamin, niacin), mineral, and potassium. Rice is divided into several varieties, which are classified as short, medium, long-grain based on the length. Sticky and parboiled based on texture. Brown, polished, forbidden and wild based on color. Basmati and jasmine based on aroma. In this post, I will be discussing…

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