How to Parboil or Precook Rice.

parboil rice

Learn how to parboil or precook rice and the advantages of parboiling rice. Parboiling is an act of partially cooking or boiling any food substance. Examples of food that can be parboiled or precooked are: rice, sweet potatoes, carrot, mixed vegetables, noodles e.t.c. Rice is a staple in any kitchen. It is an excellent source … Read more

How To Prepare Nigerian Party Jollof Rice

jollof rice

Nigerian Jollof Rice is made from rice (which is a great source of energy), Tomatoes (which helps to prevent cancer), Pepper (which contains vitamins), and onions (which help to reduce inflammation). It has a unique ability to lift everybody’s mood and it also makes the atmosphere friendlier. Nigerian party Jollof rice is known for its … Read more